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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is almost here! 25+ easy mother's day gift ideas for stylish moms, fitness-loving moms, and to help your mom relax. All on the blog!

Mother's Day is almost here! 25+ easy mother's day gift ideas for stylish moms, fitness-loving moms, and to help your mom relax. All on the blog!

Mother's Day is almost here! 25+ easy mother's day gift ideas for stylish moms, fitness-loving moms, and to help your mom relax. All on the blog!

It’s almost Mother’s Day! A day simply dedicated to the woman who has been there with you through thick and thin. My mom is truly my best friend. Ever since I moved off to college, I can’t go more than 3 days without a phone call with my life guru. We have such similar personalities (and shoe sizes, thank God) that it’s clear to anyone who meets me that I am definitely my mother’s daughter. When I first made my move to New York, I remember being nervous about the transition. My mom encouraged me, but most importantly prayed for me every day. I know we’re thankful for moms every day of the year, but it’s nice to have a special event like Mother’s Day to remember everything they do for us.

I have gift ideas for the stylish moms, fitness-lovers, and those that need a nice relaxing staycation.  Even if you’re looking for your favorite dog mom, you’ll want to check these out!


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Affordable spring wedding and Easter dresses

affordable spring wedding and easter dresses

photography: Cassidy Hopkins

If you’re from the south, your spring wedding calendar is probably full. I asked a few of my co-workers here in New York about how many weddings they had been to and it could easily be counted on one hand.  I remember one year, I was invited to 7 weddings in the spring/summer season alone! 7! (If you can beat that, comment and let me know below!)  Auburn is consistently ranked one of the most conservative campuses in the nation, so it’s no surprise we take “ring by spring”  so seriously!

Apart from a nice spring wedding, the season always calls for a new dress for Easter. Of course, Christ isn’t  up in heaven rating your outfits on a scale of 1-10 as you walk inside the sanctuary. However, I’ve always been raised to wear your Sunday best if you can! If we can buy cute dresses for prom or date night, I think one extra church dress wouldn’t kill ya. Right?

I was actually gifted this dress by Dressbarn! When I received the message from my friend Laura that it was on its way, I was so excited. I used to love shopping there with my mom when I was younger. Now, they have the perfect wardrobe for me as a young woman in the working world! In a collaboration with Ashley Graham, her new line Beyond shows whether you’re a size 2 or 22 that trendy fashion is for everyone! I also got a shoutout on her Instagram story so that DEFINITELY made my day!

The spring styles I’m currently adoring work perfectly for Easter and weddings! Floral, pastels, off the shoulder, and maxi dresses are just a few that you’ll see at every spring occasion this year! My picks are all under $200 with most of them being under $100! I’d love to know which trend or style is your favorite below.

Shop my look here:

Dress: Dressbarn

Heels: (similar)

Sunglasses: Forever 21

If you’re heading to a spring wedding soon, don’t wait too long to order these because I promise they’ll sell out quickly! Happy shopping and happy spring!

Shop floral styles:

Shop maxi dresses:

Shop Easter white dresses: 

For my brides, these also make great reception dresses!

Shop “cold-shoulder” styles:

Shop pastels:

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Fall/Winter 2017 New York Fashion Week Recap

(Crazy how this is from this same time last year!)

New York Fashion Week was a whirlwind! It took me two weeks to recover and be able to write this. All jokes aside, I had a blast and can’t wait to do it again! Did I mention that this all happened during the first blizzard of the season? We got 12 INCHES OF SNOW, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying everything NYFW had to offer! It definitely made for a freezing, but unforgettable week!

Thursday: Michael Costello

The first event of the week kicked off with THE Michael Costello. This was hands down my favorite show that I went to! Michael has designed for stars such as Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and Beyoncé so, of course, I was sold. Unfortunately, it was the same day the blizzard hit the city, so I didn’t wear the trendiest outfit. So I won’t be sharing that with you guys. :) Thankfully even some of the “A-listers” were wearing their puffy/marshmallow coats. Here are some of my favorite looks from the show!

A post shared by Tomi Obebe (@goodtomicha) on

There were a lot of empty seats because of the storm, so I was able to sit in the second row like a B-list celebrity, HA! I loved that while his designs were high fashion they were very much still wearable! For some reason, there was a giant Care Bear in the audience (someone said they were a sponsor but I’m still truly at a loss) and I met internet sensation, Pandemonia! From the gorgeous hairstyles to the flowy gowns, his show definitely gets a 10/10 from me.

Friday: Stylinity + Lulu Frost Event

Friday afternoon my friend and fellow blogger hit up a brunch event in the city. There was champagne, gorgeous floral decor, and accessories from Lulu Frost’s latest collection to shop! Gergana Ivanova (Fashion is my Forte) hosted the event and did a live interview with former supermodel Veronica Webb! It was so fun to catch up with other bloggers and talk about everything we were looking forward to during the week.

Raul Penaranda:

The next event started right after work, so Hannah and I rushed over to what looked like a brownstone in the middle of the city. Right, when we walked in I could tell this wouldn’t be good for my anxiety. The place was cramped with far too many people, they served Chinese food as hors-d’oeuvre, and tried to charge me $20 for a glass of champagne. It was time to move to the left, to the left, because I did not have time for that. We snapped a couple of pictures of the women in the showroom and moved to our final event of the evening. This show was, unfortunately, my least favorite during NYFW.

Cookie DO NYC:

Photo Creds: Cookie DO 

Since we had 2 hours to kill in between events, Hannah and I decided to hit up New York’s latest food craze! I shared my thoughts about the sweet sensation and if it lived up to the hype in this post. 

Chromat After Party:

After the horror that was the previous show, I was ready to have some fun! The Chromat designers rented out space at The Gilded Lily- a trendy nightclub and bar in lower Manhattan. In attendance were models, people who worked for the designers, and other bloggers. The atmosphere was great, but as a woman who’s too cheap to pay mixed drink prices, we stayed for only a couple of hours.

Over the weekend I had invitations to 2 other shows, but I was honestly too exhausted from balancing work and blogging! I knew that I needed to practice self-care and rest up for the week ahead.  would definitely encourage other New York City-based bloggers to take either half days or the entire week off to be able to do everything efficiently.

Wednesday: Irina Vitjaz

Photo creds: Simply by Simone and iFashion Network

The show was held at the same venue as Michael Costello but started 40 min late.  I also got a seat right at the start of the runways, so it wasn’t the best for snapping photos. It was hot inside the warehouse you could tell people were getting cranky. Right at that moment, the first few designs came cascading down the runway. A few of the models tripped (poor girls!) but people will really only remember the gorgeous designs. The yellow dress, in particular, blew me away! I finally was able to balance chic and warmth and chose this midi-dress and wedge booties. I’ve linked my entire outfit below!

A post shared by Tomi Obebe (@goodtomicha) on

Dress (similar) | Booties: (similar) |  Leopard Clutch (similar) | Cape (similar)

I still can’t believe I got the chance to go to one of fashion’s most important events of the year! It was literally a dream come true. I knew that once I moved here, it would be a now or never situation (hopefully I’ll be back in September but who could know!). I’m so thankful God gave me this opportunity. I’ll definitely write a post on how you can go to NYFW as a blogger in the future. Maybe I’ll see you at the next show! ;)

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