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Gifts ideas for the #1 man in your life. Dad. Daddio. Padre. Father. No one looks out for you better than dad. Though their dad jokes can be hard to handle, you can’t imagine life without them. I know my father is one of the most hardworking men I have ever known. My work ethic and drive to do better comes directly from him! That being said, he’s so selfless that it can be hard to shop for him! Anyone else feel this way? Dads like to take care of others before themselves, so it’s time we show them how to #treatyoself. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite gift ideas for dad this year!

Gift Ideas for Dad:

Monogrammed Cuff Links– You know. Just in case he gets them confused with someone else’s.

Cole Haan Brown Shoesbecause loving children don’t let their dads wear new balances 24/7.

Vinyl Player

Armani Cologne & Aftershave


Cable-knit Sweater– an upgrade from the old college sweatshirt he wears around from time to time.

Thermal Robe

Dad Mug

Navy Tie– a classic gift, but you can’t beat these prices!

Coral Tie

Whiskey Set

Bar Cart– add the whiskey set and have a very ‘lit’ Christmas. Some of the other special guys in your life might like this gift, too! 

FitBit Charge 2– for the active dad! *Note: this may backfire and he’ll ask you to join him for morning workouts over the holidays. Purchase at your own risk. If he’s into tech gifts, you’ll want to see my favorite picks here too. 

Navy Swell Bottle

Casual Boot 

Feel free to shop these picks with the links above or through the widget (includes some extra styles) below. Find the best gift to say thank you this Christmas!

P.S. Mom needs some gifts too! Shop the seasons hottest items here.

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