23 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog // Coney Island Photo Shoot

Coney island photo shoot at Luna Park Coney island photo shoot at Luna Park 23 reasons why you should start a blog // Coney island photo shoot at Luna Park 23 reasons why you should start a blog // Coney island photo shoot at Luna Park 23 reasons why you should start a blog // Coney island photo shoot at Luna Park 23 reasons why you should start a blog // Coney island photo shoot at Luna Park 23 reasons why you should start a blog // Coney island photo shoot at Luna Park 23 reasons why you should start a blog // Coney island photo shoot at Luna Park

23 reasons why you should start a blog // Coney island photo shoot at Luna Park

I started my blog because I wanted to do photo shoots in cool, new places like Coney Island. Kidding! Well, only slightly. (BTW, shout out to one of my favorite photographers, Cassidy Hopkins for these amazing shots! Check out our other Coney Island photo shoot here).

I started my blog because I was tired of saying, “Why can’t I do that?” I followed multiple blogger accounts for years and wistfully dreamed I could have a similar career. In a way, I’ve been a blogger for a while now. I always love sharing my thoughts on twitter about red carpet faux-pas while also snapping the occasional #ootd photo on Instagram. As I started researching fashion blogging more, I saw that not only was there a lack of women of color, but also women who exhibited my same sense of style. I started blogging 2 years ago and haven’t looked back since! If you’re on the fence, it’s time to stop making excuses.

Here are 23 reasons why you should start a blog:

1. You enjoy writing: English classes were always your favorite in school and you could write papers at the speed of light. Being able to hit those 300-word papers with ease is probably a good sign.

2. It’s cathartic: I’m a firm believer that blogging is good for mental health. It’s the daily journal of the 21st century. Who knows, your personal journey might even help other people.

3. It will help with your future career: If you’re going into a field such as digital media, journalism, or marketing the information is invaluable. Read how my blog got me the internship of a lifetime here.

4. You’re obsessed with social media: You always know why things are trending on twitter before it even happens and Instagram is the first app you open every morning.

5. You’re a nomad: Long before you even knew about travel blogging, the idea of packing everything up for a road trip was always in the back of your mind. After every vacation, you’re already planning the next one and people want to see those inspiring photos!

6. People always come to you for help: Every time your family has technical issues, they call you first. Or maybe it’s to get that infamous chocolate chip cookie recipe from the holiday party one more time. If people love your advice in real life, chances are they’ll love it over the internet too.

7. You enjoy moderate levels of stress: I’m only slightly kidding! Of course, you can blog as often as you would like, but if you’re looking to be taken seriously, it’s not as easy as it looks. There are deadlines and schedules you should stick to even if you’re the one in charge of your content. Personally, I can’t function unless I’m at a 5 on the scale of 1-10 of stress so luckily, blogging is right up my alley.

8. Workaholic: There can be a lot of sleepless nights and vacations that turn into work trips. Yes, it’s important to create a balance. However, if you want to make it big time, get ready to grind.

9. You have a unique voice: There are a lot of blogs out there now. Figure out how yours can be special. While the topic of your blog might not be new, no one can recreate you! 

10. It’s the best way to keep up with family members: Sharing about your baby’s first steps and your new work ventures can be a lot to post in 140 characters or less. Blogging can allow you to share as much as you want about life updates with your family! Take a cue from me!

11.You’re looking for extra streams of income: According to Business Insider, multiple revenue opportunities can help lead to financial stability. Having a fun alternative to making money is never a bad thing!

12. People trust your opinions: If you say these are the best makeup products for summer, then your friends are already halfway to Target before the message is delivered. If you’re an expert in certain areas, please share with the world!

13. You don’t pay attention to negativity: As our great queen Beyoncé once said, “I twirl on my haters.” People believe that just because they have internet access that gives them the right to post their ill-conceived opinions on your content. If you want to start a blog, thick-skin is required.

14. You’ve been dying to share your passion projects: Whether it’s fashion, travel, food, or puppies, share your love with the world! I seriously believe there should be an abundance of puppy bloggers (is that even a thing?!). My timeline would be much happier.

15. If you don’t have wi-fi for 3 hours, you spontaneously combust: Again, kidding. But it’s probably a good sign that you should work with internet-related things.

16. You rearrange the food at the table for the perfect selfie: Some say you’re being an annoying millennial. I say it’s paying attention to detail!

17. Your friends have to take multiple photos for your #plandids: They’ll laugh now, but your feed is destined for greatness.

18. You like to stay up to date with latest and greatest in tech: AI, Instagram changes, and mirrorless cameras can affect a blogger’s daily life. Paying attention to the tech world can help you figure out how to best position your blog for the future.

19. You were that kid who planned out music videos in your head when you looked out the car window on road trips: You were destined to be a vlogger with that kind of creativity! “Fix You” by Coldplay was always my go to! Was this just me or?….

20. You’ve contemplated traveling to a country just for the photos: Is it an expensive endeavor just for the perfect selfie? Perhaps. But I’d be lying if I didn’t debate on going to Cuba every day for this same exact reason.

21. Your best friend is your smartphone: I’ve nicknamed mine “Ohana” because it means I will never forget it or leave it behind.

22. If you’re glued to your computer already, you might as well have some fun! 

23. You’ve thought if they can do it. Why can’t I? Becoming a successful blogger can be a long, but rewarding journey. Believe me, I’m nowhere close to where I want to be. I’m willing to put in the work and share my passions with all of you guys! Are you? If you’re going to start a blog after this post, let me know and we can encourage each other as we grow!

So, what’s stopping you from starting a blog? Don’t let intimidation stop you from taking the next step! I’d love to answer any questions you might have on how to start one below!

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